The design of the graphics for a BUD by Jamungo made in 2007 but released in 2009. This design is called Son of Ar - a name that was a last minute decision as I was asked to supply one. A comparison of the design submitted and what the finished figure is likely to look like.

My design was based on some overprinting (The flame on the "head" was meant to be white seen from one side and black from the other) but this seems not to have made it, because it's more expensive (each part needs two colours rather than one) or difficult (the colours have to line up perfectly) but diffiiculty is probably not the issue as the overall print quality looks good. At the time of writing, the studio hadn't yet received a box of these figures.

Also, the print on the body had some more white in it in the original design.

It strikes my how different our design is to the others in the series, less character based. What I wanted to do for this one was to create a pictogram - this will work best seen directly from the front.

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